I never knew what "Pile Driving" was until I looked at your website, but I do know that I highly respect your guys that were working today.  My husband is in a wheelchair and he was attempting to get the mail.  He took a tumble into the ditch by our mailbox.  As I was coming down the driveway to help him, a large red truck pulled in our driveway.  Three guys jumped out and went straight to my husband . .to help him.  They picked him up, put him back in his wheelchair and pushed him in the chair out of the ditch. I can't tell you how wonderful it was to see such kind young men, probably on their way home after a hard day at work and they didn't pause a moment when it came to helping my husband.  They made sure that we were both OK and then went on their way.  I noticed the name on their truck and wanted to make sure that everyone knows what wonderful caring group of guys they are.  Thank You.  I didn't get your names, but know that you are in our hearts forever.

Todd & Becky Christensen - Omro, WI

Thank you so much!   The pier and ice breakers are amazing.  We are so thankful for your wonderful workmanship and quality.  Should we ever need our pier repaired again I will call you immediately.

Thank you again
Jeff & Cindy - Fond Du Lac, WI

The Winnebago County Land and Water Conservation Depart. and Land Conservation Committee would like to extend our sincere gratitude for your commitment and dedication to the Norwegian Bay Shoreline Protection Project.  We fully understand the hurdles one must overcome to install a conservation practice of the nature and magnitude and want to acknowledge your cooperation and perseverance in seeing this project to completion.  Without conservation minded contractors like yourself, many of these unique and necessary water quality improvement practices might never come to fruition.
We thank you very much
Thomas Davies, Director                                       Nancy Barker, Chairperson
Land & Water Conservation Depart.                     Land Conservation Committee
Deb and Brady,

It was a pleasure working with you and your crew on both of these projects this year. Thank you for all of your advice and guidance with the permitting. I appreciated it more than you may know. Companies and crews of your high caliber have become less common through the years and I relish the opportunity to work with them when they come along. 

Thank You,
Chuck - Oshkosh, WI
Brady & Debbie

   We just want to let you know "Oh My Gosh" that is an absolute "Gorgeous" Gorgeous" dock.  Oh My Gosh everything is just beautiful.  We are so thankful, so blessed, so appreciative and so excited that you did such a beautiful job.  My husband was so impressed how they rounded around the edges of the dock and bench.  He was very impressed.  It just looks absolutely stunning and beautiful.  We've gone up 3 times and sat on the bench, and "Oh My Goodness" we are so impressed.  I just want to tell you Thank You so Very Very Much!

  You have great employees and everything is amazing!

Jan & Tammi - Cedarburg, WI